Maintenance methods of large machinery and equipment in factory

Mechanical equipment is an important part of the factory, in order to ensure daily production tasks, the maintenance and nursing of all kinds of machinery is very important.


Preventive maintenance (PM)


Maintenance can be carried out according to the regular plan, which can reduce the aging of the components to a minimum and prolong the life of the equipment. Preventive maintenance will be carried out after a certain date set or after the machine is running for a certain period of time, whether or not it needs to be repaired. Although preventive maintenance is more cost-effective than reactive maintenance, it still requires a lot of human resources and spare parts inventory.


Predictive maintenance (PdM)


Keep track of key indicators in order to predict when equipment needs to be repaired. The predictive maintenance plan will periodically test the equipment, keep track of the measured values and take corrective action when the measured values are about to exceed the operating limits of the equipment. There are fewer hours and components needed to maintain the equipment as needed compared to preventive maintenance. However, tracking measurements requires new tools, training and software to collect and analyse data and predict maintenance cycles.


Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM)


Based on the importance of equipment to production and operation, the loss of income and customer caused by shutdown, the impact on safety and its maintenance cost, the priority of maintenance work is arranged. Reliability maintenance depends on the same measurements used in predictive maintenance, but additional maintenance resources can be saved by arranging less work on less important equipment. Compared with PdM, RCM also needs more training and software.