Intelligent logistics automatic sorting equipment

In recent years, with the continuous development of logistics industry in China, a variety of advanced technology and advanced equipment emerge as the times require. Intelligent logistics sorting equipment with handling, palletizing, sorting and other functions is also booming, and is developing at an unexpected speed to intelligent and unmanned direction.


First, intelligent sorting equipment


Intelligent sorting equipment has automatic sorting system, sorting robot and other different types of equipment.


The automatic sorting system can sort the goods continuously with large quantities. Using assembly line automatic operation mode, the automatic sorting system is not limited by climate, time, human physical strength and so on, and can run continuously and efficiently.


Sorting robot generally has sensors, objective lenses, image recognition system and multifunctional manipulator. According to the image recognition system, it can "see" the shape of the object, grab the item with the manipulator, and then put it in a specified position to realize the rapid sorting of the goods.


Second, AGV robot


AGV is an automatic guided vehicle, which has a highly flexible and intelligent logistics handling equipment, which is called mobile robot. With sensor technology, navigation technology, servo drive technology, system integration technology and other core technologies, in automotive, tobacco, banknote printing, paper and other industries, Amazon Kiva robot is a typical representative of AGV. However, AGV still needs manual or other transportation equipment for the time being, and the algorithm is complex, the maintenance difficulty is high, and the efficiency needs to be improved.


Third, palletizing robot


Palletizing robot mainly includes right-angle coordinate robot, joint robot and polar coordinate robot. Each palletizing robot has an independent control system, which is suitable for palletizing and unstacking of packaging items of various shapes, such as bagged, canned, bottled and so on. It can not only carry heavy objects, but also the working speed and quality are much higher than manual, which greatly ensures the accuracy of the operation.


The existence of logistics intelligent sorting equipment makes the logistics warehouse work 24 hours a day, makes it possible to operate faster and more accurately, effectively improves the operation efficiency and reduces the manual operation and labor cost. Rational use of automation and intelligent logistics sorting equipment is the trend of logistics sorting in the future.