Change to more intelligent high-performance logistics equipment

Under the background of the integration and development of Internet of things technology, artificial intelligence technology and robot technology, warehousing logistics robot is no longer regarded as a single high-performance hardware, but a more intelligent high-performance logistics equipment. Its intelligence will be reflected in three aspects.


(1) State perception. With the help of Internet of things technology, the robot can interact with the surrounding hardware or products such as wearable equipment, environmental monitoring equipment and so on, so as to realize the perception of its own and its surrounding environmental state.


(2) Real-time decision making. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, robots can make decisions about how to act in a particular scene. By using computer technology to simulate human visual system, the machine is given the function of "seeing" and "cognition". Computer vision technology is the basis of machine cognitive world, together with speech recognition, natural language processing and other technologies to form the perceptual intelligence of the machine, so that the robot can complete the detection of the external world on its own, and then make judgments, take action, and make more complex command and decision-making and autonomous action possible.


(3) Accurate implementation. This needs to further improve the accuracy and ability of the core parts of the robot, so that the robot can make accurate actions according to the decision results.