Basic characteristics of agricultural products distribution center

At present, the circulation node of fresh agricultural products gradually changes from trading gathering place to cold chain distribution center. Cold chain distribution center no longer exists in the form of simple cold storage cluster, but develops in the direction of cold chain logistics park, which integrates freezing, warehousing, processing, distribution, finance and so on.


Modern agricultural cold chain distribution center, its storage, processing, distribution, detection, display, trading, multimodal transport and other functions gather in the same area.


1. Industrial clustering: the distribution center aggregates cold chain enterprises with different functions, relying on geographical and regional economic advantages, efficiently gathering transportation, warehousing, import and export of goods, logistics processing and distribution, information processing and related equipment manufacturing, forming a cold chain logistics industry chain with highly dense logistics resources and extremely professional management and operation, so as to improve the operation efficiency of all enterprises in the region as a whole.


2. Platform networking: based on big data, cloud computing professional logistics network platform, achieve connectivity, logistics transactions, electronic settlement, warehouse receipt pledge, financing guarantee and other aspects of service functions.


3. Supervision and facilitation: the cold chain logistics distribution center provides convenient conditions for government supervision and control departments to carry out centralized supervision of food safety, plays a positive role in promoting the construction of food safety security system and strengthening the function of food safety supervision system, and can effectively find out the sources, go to traceability, follow the responsibility, be safe and reliable, and centralize supervision.