Advantages of automatic stereo warehouse

1. Improve the utilization rate of space


The basic starting point of the early stereoscopic warehouse is to improve the utilization rate of space and fully save the limited and valuable land. In some developed countries in the West, the view of improving space utilization has a broader and deeper meaning, and has been related to energy conservation, environmental protection and other aspects. Some even treat the utilization rate of space as an important index of system rationality and advanced evaluation. The space utilization of the three-dimensional library is closely related to its planning. Generally speaking, the space utilization of automated elevated warehouse is 2 times 5 times of that of ordinary flat warehouse, which is quite considerable.


2. It is convenient to form advanced logistics system and improve the level of enterprise production management.


The traditional warehouse is only the place where the goods are stored, and the preservation of the goods is its only function and a kind of static storage. The automatic three-dimensional warehouse adopts advanced automatic material handling equipment, which can not only automatically access the goods in the warehouse as needed, but also connect with the production links outside the warehouse organically, and make the warehouse become an important link in the production logistics of the enterprise through computer management system and automatic material handling equipment.


The entry of purchased parts and self-made production parts into automated warehouse storage is a link of the whole production. Short-term storage is to automatically output to the next process at a specified time for production, thus forming an automated logistics system, which is a kind of "dynamic storage", and is also an obvious technical trend in the development of automated warehouse.