Changes in logistics sorting technology in the process of intelligence

In recent years, logistics has ushered in new changes around the world, and mobile Internet of Things and big data have become the core engines that drive new changes. From the beginning to the present, after years of accumulation and precipitation, China's logistics has been diverging from fragmented logistics to more and more scale, system and specialization. As logistics technology is upgraded, sorting technology is the most important part. There have also been major changes.

1. Logistics information into a development standard

In fact, the complexity of the logistics business, the increasing cost, and the expectation of customer satisfaction have become the drivers for companies to transform with new technologies. The accelerated upgrade of the IoT information processing technology and the innovation of the automated logistics equipment in the industry, the automatic warehousing and logistics equipment has emerged as a fountain-like pioneering force and has become an important part of the modern logistics equipment system.


2. Intelligent sorting equipment will be combined with information technology

Intelligent sorting equipment combined with data collection and information services can realize the functions of parcel weighing, fast sorting after reading and information recording and interaction. The sorting system can greatly reduce the labor demand in the sorting process, improve the sorting efficiency and automation, and improve the sorting accuracy. With the improvement of big data algorithms, the gradual standardization of express mail information, and the integration of intelligent control systems, the sorting system will become a key link in the logistics industry from labor-intensive industries to intelligent transformation.


Ball module with automatic sorting equipment: consists of a plurality of modular module belts and universal balls embedded in them. In the longitudinal conveying, the goods are transported in the ball group to ensure the cargo can realize the transitional conveying function; the equipment is applied to the matrix sorting, and the processing part type is wider and processed than other types of sorting equipment. The ability will be higher, the picking efficiency is higher, which is more than 2.5 times of the manual speed; in the case of non-destructive sorting, the breakage rate is also extremely low, and the damage rate is less than 1 in 10,000. The recognition rate of the item is high, driven by the bottom friction, no impact, and the point of the transfer point is less worn.

3. The service of intelligent logistics equipment tends to be marketized and specialized

The first is the guarantee service for the normal operation of intelligent logistics equipment, such as regular maintenance of equipment, troubleshooting, spare parts supply, remote network monitoring and operation services. The second is the support services for logistics operation or management, such as equipment operation quality analysis, logistics performance and operation analysis. The third is technical improvement and system upgrade services, which can provide the entire technical improvement and upgrade of information systems and control systems at regular intervals.

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