Smart Logistics Transformation in 2019

In 2018, the development of smart logistics has been widely concerned by the industry and has become a beautiful landscape for the development and innovation of the logistics industry. It is predicted that the development of smart logistics will continue to accelerate in 2019 and will become the biggest innovation hotspot in the logistics industry.

1. From the perspective of logistics system technology trends

The smart logistics system is composed of logistics brain, information transmission system and job execution. At present, the logistics brain innovation is in the stage of digital development, and is undergoing full evolution towards program control and intelligence; the information transmission system is in the "Internet +" stage, and is evolving to the Internet of Things and Information Physics System (CPS); the current hot spot of the job execution system is Automation and robotics are evolving toward flexible automation, unmanned and intelligent hardware systems.

2. From the field of smart logistics application

The development of smart logistics in the field of e-commerce logistics is the fastest, but in the traditional logistics field of ToB, the development of smart logistics has just started. Due to the messy order of goods in the traditional logistics field, not only has it not been electronically realized, the logistics orders can not be “one in the end”, the order standard specifications are not uniform, and the information flow of the traditional logistics system cannot be interconnected, and the logistics chain process is difficult. Digital, without networking, can not be networked and intelligent. The author predicts that the development of smart logistics in the traditional logistics field will accelerate in 2019. The development of traditional smart logistics is expected to start from the digitalization, through the standardization and electronicization of logistics orders, open up the various processes of logistics, realize the digitization of all processes, and further promote the traditional logistics full link. The information is interconnected, all data is streamlined, and the digital logistics field is fully promoted.

3. From the core technology innovation trend of smart logistics

Recently, the rookie network CTO Gu Xuemei released the prospect of the development trend of smart logistics technology in 2019. IoT will become the most important technology trend in 2019. IoT will put the traditional logistics into the digital upgrade and lead the global logistics industry into a new era. . According to Gu Xuemei, IoT is not an isolated technology, but a superposition of machine learning and artificial intelligence, operations research and global optimization, blockchain and other technologies to form a huge commercial value of the logistics industry. Rookie scientists predict that around IoT, a major core technology strategy, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine vision, real-time computing, flexible automation and other technologies will erupt, driving the entire logistics industry from human-intensive to capital- and technology-intensive. The author recognizes this analysis of the rookie network. In 2019, in the intelligent logistics information transmission system, it will show the evolution trend from "Internet +" to "Internet of Things +".

4. From the perspective of smart logistics innovation

The author predicts that software-defined logistics will become an innovative development trend in 2019. Traditional logistics system, hardware is hardware, software is software, and hardware is not intelligent. With the development of smart logistics, software systems have become the brain of logistics hardware. The combination of software and hardware has become the development direction of intelligent hardware. Software evolution will be an important feature of the evolution of hardware systems.

Software will dominate the arrangement, combination, management, scheduling and control of hardware. The software definition technical concept requires that the hardware layer, the software layer and the control layer are physically integrated but logically separated. By virtualizing the logistics hardware resources, according to the unitization and standardization ideas, it is classified into the basic logistics function module. The software hardware is more open, flexible and intelligently managed and dispatched by the program software to realize the flexibility of the logistics equipment system.

The software of the logistics hardware system can be evolved and iteratively innovated through networking. It is equivalent to let the intelligent hardware have an evolutionary thinking brain and realize the evolution of the hardware system without changing the hardware. Software development hardware development trends have emerged at the 2018 logistics exhibition. It is expected that the software definition logistics hardware concept will be further developed in 2019, making the logistics automation system more flexible and smarter.

In short, it is expected that the development of smart logistics development will be fully blossomed in 2019. In addition to the above-mentioned progress, many other aspects of change should also be paid attention to. For example, the key components of the key components of smart logistics equipment will make important progress, logistics robots will be more widely used, unmanned technology will begin to be applied in the freight field, and the scale of the smart logistics market will grow rapidly.

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