What are the directions of manufacturing supply chain innovation in the future?

Every enterprise needs to manage the supply chain. Supply chain is the key factor affecting the cost and efficiency of enterprises, especially in the development of globalization, transnational management has become the norm. As far as manufacturing is concerned, product design may be in Japan, raw materials are purchased from Brazil, and parts are produced in Taiwan, then it is assembled in China and eventually sold around the world. Before the product entered the consumer market, a lot of companies participated in the manufacture of the product, and because of the different geographical location, production level and management ability, the complex product supply chain network was formed. In the face of fluctuations in market demand, once  a supply chain lacks effective management, it can affect the output of the whole supply chain.


The future innovation of manufacturing supply chain has three directions, aiming at realizing resource integration and process optimization through supply chain innovation, promoting industrial cross-border and coordinated development, strengthening the effective docking from production to consumption, reducing enterprise management and transaction costs, promoting accurate matching of supply and demand and industrial transformation and upgrading, and improving the quality of products and services in an all-round way. Among them, manufacturing synergy, service and intelligence are the development direction in the future.