AGV Robot: 5G + Internet of things + mobile robot

Flexible production mode can quickly change product production process with minimum manpower intervention, and gives birth to a series of new technology needs, such as the Internet of things technology, the application of 5G network and so on. As the key supporting technology of connecting people, machines and equipment, the Internet of things is entering a period of rapid development. The 5G technology is further helping manufacturing enterprises to get rid of the chaotic application state of wireless network technology in the past, which is of positive significance for promoting the implementation of industrial Internet and deepening the transformation of intelligent manufacturing.


In the development of industrial 4.0, the future AGV unmanned handling robot not only simply carries the goods to the designated position, but also runs through the product design, such as big data, the Internet of things, cloud computing and so on, so that the AGV handling robot can become a new type of intelligent industrial equipment, such as real-time induction, safety identification, multiple obstacle avoidance, intelligent decision-making, automatic execution and so on. At present, AGV handling robot has been used in various fields, instead of manual handling is an inevitable trend.


You can imagine that in the future, in the whole process without manual participation, AGV all-weather operation can greatly reduce labor costs. According to the edited route and vehicle management scheme, different AGV can coordinate and cooperate to the maximum extent, and improve the work efficiency and quality in the limited time and space.