The way of innovation and development of green packaging

The pattern of packaging industry is gradually optimized, further improving the paper, plastic, metal, glass, machinery, printing as the main composition, including packaging design, materials, equipment, products, logistics and so on. "Green, low carbon, environmental protection" will be the main axis of packaging industry development in the future. The contribution ability of packaging in modern logistics has been significantly enhanced, which is not only one of the indispensable elements of logistics function, but also an important means and way to realize commodity value.


Traditional express packaging has several functions of convenient protection of goods, convenient transportation of products, convenient identification of products and convenient sale of products. For the future express packaging, its development direction is to uphold the concept of protection, maintain the advantages of reducing commodity wear and tear, adopt scientific methods to reduce manufacturing costs and ensure the profit and development needs of enterprise products, meet the national standards, adhere to the modern concept of green environmental protection, avoid environmental pollution, and meet the general needs of the public today at the same time, appropriate innovation and research and development of popular products.


How to develop green packaging? It is important to do two things: green environmental protection and attention to manufacturing costs. The reason why the state formulates the guiding document, on the one hand, it is the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, supporting and speeding up the e-commerce logistics industry enterprises, which is conducive to the development of the international people's livelihood. On the other hand, the rapid development of e-commerce logistics express delivery has caused the increase of environmental pressure and waste, which is not in line with the national concept of scientific development, so the state should carry out macro-control. Enterprises should establish the concept of green environmental protection, and change the direction of product production and the corresponding national green environmental protection instructions. It takes a cost to produce any commodity, and if the cost of production is too high, then the price of the product will also remain high. If the price of the same type of products is low, and the price of their own products is too high to be conducive to market competition, if the price can be reduced, the creation of value will not be conducive to the development of enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should increase investment in scientific research, reduce the cost of commodity manufacturing, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. There are contradictions and opposites between the function and cost of green packaging, as well as harmony and unity. If we deal with the relationship between the two, we can create a successful green packaging.