The applications of technological innovation of green packaging

At present, the government attaches great importance to the transformation of packaging applications., Ali and other major ecommerce logistics giants are aware of the need to do green logistics and lighten the burden on the earth. They grope for practice, have put forward their own green plans, strive to develop and introduce the relevant technology and experience of green packages, to avoid the fate of backwardness and elimination.


Ali Green Plan


In June 2016, rookie teamed up with more than 30 logistics partners to launch the largest joint environmental action in the industry. Through our specific actions, including green package, green intelligence, green distribution and green recycling, promote the green development of logistics industry. Among them, for green package development and application of biodegradable plastic packaging, and tape-free cartons, etc., more than 20 million green packages are currently delivered to consumers. In addition, the rookie technical team also introduced electronic noodle sheets to replace the traditional noodle sheets, using algorithms to accurately match the box type for the order, greatly reducing the waste of paper and cartons, and reducing the cutting of trees.


Shunfeng BOX


In the middle of last year, Shunfeng launched a shared cycle box-Feng BOX. The 10 million replace 500 million cartons, 1.4 billion meters of tape and 2.25 million cubic meters can be used!


Compared with disposable packaging, Feng BOX effectively solves the problems of high cost, more damage, low operation efficiency, waste of resources and so on. It not only creates the product structure innovation such as easy to unseal, foldable, anti-theft, internal binding, no internal filling and so on, but also increases the special properties such as waterproofing, flame retardant, heat insulation and so on. At the same time, Feng BOX has a service life of as many as dozens or even hundreds of times, and can practice the concept of green recyclable environmental protection in a practical sense.