Development trend of logistics industry

In recent years, the logistics industry has grown significantly, and in some years it has even outpaced most of the real economy in China. The industry has gone through the stage of scale growth, entering the second half of the competition, paying more attention to the improvement of efficiency, the reduction of cost and the quality of service.


Industrial policy


The state has issued and will issue more industrial policies in supply chain, logistics industry and its related industries, create good environment and conditions, and give more policy guidance in transport structure, infrastructure, innovation-driven and so on. From 2014 to 2024, it should be the biggest change in China's logistics industry.


Scale and intensification


In the past few years, a great change in the logistics industry is the integration of scale and integration, to achieve the balance between mass scale and fine management, and to control the cost while expanding the scale and increasing the volume. Among them, many stagnant small and medium-sized logistics enterprises will face the fate of integration or elimination.


The promotion of science and technology


We are in the face of a huge trend of technological change. The robot, driverless, drone and flexible automation technology are maturing day by day. The 5G, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, edge computing and other technologies are in the outbreak of the night before, it can be expected that the future level of intelligence in the field of logistics, ensuing business model innovation, and customer service experience will have a huge change.


Giant city


The radiation and driving development of Shanghai to the surrounding cities has clearly shown that in the future, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta region and the Pearl River Delta region will certainly become economically developed areas with mega-cities as the core, and the head effect will become more and more obvious. For the customer logistics demand response, supply chain management and service quality control of mega-cities, it will be the challenge and opportunity for logistics enterprises to improve themselves and set up barriers.