The necessity of constructing big data platform for Crane Safety Supervision

Lifting machinery belongs to a kind of special equipment, its routine inspection includes the self-inspection of the unit of use and the periodic inspection of the legal inspection organization, and the safety supervision and administration is the supervision and management responsibility of the department in charge of the safety supervision and administration of the special equipment in the local people's government at various levels. The maintenance of cranes is not stipulated by qualified units in the relevant laws and regulations, so most crane users adopt the way of self-maintenance, including periodic preventive maintenance and recovery maintenance after accidents. Daily maintenance and inspection of this type of lifting machinery The health of lifting machinery in use is generally not high.


In view of this situation, the General Administration of Quality Inspection, in the Implementation of the Safety Monitoring and Management System of the Large Lifting Machinery, requires that the units with conditions can, according to the specific conditions and the work requirements, And a local monitoring platform and a remote monitoring platform for the safety monitoring and management of the hoisting machinery based on the Internet of Things technology are gradually established. The safety monitoring system is required to be installed for large-scale cranes in excess of a certain rated lifting weight in the TSG Q7015-2016 <Lifting Machinery Safety Inspection Rules> and the TSG Q7016-2016 Major Repair Supervision and Inspection Rules for the Installation and Reform of Lifting Machinery in the TSG Q7015-2016 <Lifting Machinery Installation and Reform Major Repair Supervision and Inspection Rules in 2016 A general rule. However, its functional requirements are only based on the content of GB/T 282642017 "Safety Monitoring and Management system for lifting Machinery", which does not put forward any requirements for the networking of the monitoring system. The local monitoring platform and remote monitoring platform for safety monitoring and management of lifting machinery have not been really established in all regions.