Hang fork group: this " lithium" is unusual

Exhibitors Interview of Asia Logistics Exhibition

As one of China's largest professional forklift R & D and manufacturing groups, Hangfork Group Co., Ltd. presented its ten new products at this Cemet exhibition. Under the trend that green, environmental protection and intelligence have become the development theme of the times, the X - C series new energy forklifts and Hang - C series lithium batteries released by Hang - fork Group at the exhibition site will have a significant impact on the industry.

Mr. Xu Xiang, director of the Hangfork Electric Forklift Research Institute, said: " XC series of new energy forklifts adopt a new cross-border shape and are designed to replace internal combustion forklifts. The car adopts a special structure, breaks through the traditional design method of electric forklift truck, integrates the advantages of internal combustion forklift truck and electric forklift truck, and is far superior to the traditional lithium battery model modified by lead-acid battery in performance, waterproof grade, vision, ergonomics and other aspects. "

The Hangfork - C series lithium battery configured by X - C series new energy forklift is a special lithium battery developed jointly by Hangfork Group and Ningde Times. Hangfork - C series lithium batteries have the characteristics of strong environmental adaptability, long cycle life, maintenance-free and high reliability, which provide a lasting and strong power for XC series new energy forklift trucks and guarantee for replacing internal combustion forklift trucks.

Mr Chen saimin, assistant general manager / secretary of the board of directors of Hangzhou fork group, said: " under the impetus of new energy and environmental protection, electric forklifts have become a development trend in the industry. In the international market, electric forklifts have already occupied 60 % of the market share of motor industrial vehicles, while China currently accounts for only about 25 % - 30 %, so it still has great market potential. Driven by the national environmental protection policy, the traditional forklift powered by internal combustion engine is being phased out. "

Hangzhou fork group is one of the earliest manufacturers involved in intelligent industrial vehicles in China. under the environment of industry 4.0 and clean production, the labor cost is gradually rising, and the demand for AGV products is increasing year by year. Hangzhou fork group foresees this situation, so it has carried out research and development in the field of forklift intelligence since 2012 and set up an intelligent technology company affiliated to Hangzhou fork group, which has in-depth and extensive cooperation with professional teams including Harbin institute of technology and Sweden NDC company. the product project has been successfully applied to well-known enterprises in the fields of automobiles, rubber, medicine, photovoltaic and so on. Mr Chen saimin revealed: " under the background of clean and intelligent development, Hangzhou fork group has maintained a steady and upward growth in recent years, especially in 2018, with sales of 100,000 units by the third quarter. We have strong confidence in the future market prospect and expect to maintain a business growth level of more than 10 % in 2019. "

Hangzhou fork group has been participating in CeMAT exhibition for three consecutive years. Mr Chen saimin said that intelligent and new energy products are increasingly appearing at the exhibition and have become a topic of common concern to the audience and exhibitors.