Shengfei You: An Expert to Solve Storage Problems

Exhibitors Interview of Asia Logistics Trade Show

At this CeMAT exhibition, the a - frame mainly displayed by shengfei you storage system ( kunshan ) co., ltd can bring together different kinds of goods for automatic order selection, and is perfectly compatible with shengfei you transportation system and other components. Mr. KAAN GUC LU, managing director of the company, said that its advantage lies in the fact that replenishment and selection are separate. Replenishment at low peak and automatic selection at high peak also means that personnel can be optimally deployed according to warehousing operations. " We can see a demonstration of our IT software Wamas Light House in the IT area, monitor the operation of the equipment in the whole warehouse, and generate reports based on statistics of traffic data."

In addition, the event called " Global Success Story" led by Shengfei's headquarters was officially launched with the exhibition, and the video presented on the live LED screen is just a few classic cases from all over the world.

Since its establishment in 1937, Germany - based Seinfeld has devoted itself to providing high-quality industrial storage equipment and automated storage systems, and has been hailed as an " expert in solving storage problems". In terms of planning, designing and implementing an efficient internal logistics system, Winfrey can provide customers with a " one - stop" warehousing solution, including: pre-planning and design, including all types of shelf systems and warehousing automation systems, as well as post-installation and commissioning and after-sales service. Mr. KAAN GUC LU said: " Since entering the Chinese market, we have been committed to providing customers with the most intelligent solution, which is the core solution to reduce the cost of logistics and warehousing. Compared with the traditional logistics storage facilities, the advantages of automated logistics storage system are mainly

It should be reflected in the saving of labor cost and rent cost and the improvement of management efficiency. Only in this way can the Chinese market gradually grow. In Kunshan, we have our own factory to produce shelves, and the automation is also gradually localized, striving for customers to enjoy the " cheap and beautiful" high-end warehousing and logistics products. "

Mr. KAAN GUC LU believes that in the future, system integration will develop into six major trends of informatization, diversification and specialization, standardization and modularization, systematization and flexibility, intelligence and humanization, and energy conservation and environmental protection. Medicine and retailers will also become the key industries for Shengfei. " With the strong support and help from headquarters, Shengfei China will gradually be localized, and we will certainly provide more optimized and perfect products and solutions for our customers in the future! "