Cognex, China: Watch China's Logistics Industry

Exhibitors Interview of Asia Logistics Trade Show

Cognex Vision Inspection System ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. helps enterprises improve product quality, eliminate production errors and reduce manufacturing costs by providing vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and industrial code readers for the automation field. Typical machine vision applications in Cognex include defect detection, production line monitoring, guiding assembly robots, and tracking, classifying and identifying parts.

At this Cemet exhibition, Cognex showed a series of products and solutions for the logistics industry. Mr. NongKeKe, the customer sales director of the company's logistics industry in Greater China, said: " Cognex is a company focused on vision and code reading, and the logistics industry is an area we attach great importance to. At this exhibition, we have brought customers a newly upgraded Data Man 72 small side reader. First of all, it can support the connection of multiple code readers and achieve good performance in some complex applications. Secondly, although the size of this machine is only one matchbox, it can read the code at a very high speed and output images to facilitate customers' tracing and retrieval. "

The top scanning solution is also another highlight of this Cognex show. It integrates the company's latest Data Man 474 code reader released in June this year, and seven powerful processing cores give it amazing speed and the ability to run a variety of algorithms and processes. Nong Zong pointed out: " It can read challenging one-dimensional bar codes and two-dimensional codes at different locations, and can also process multiple mixed symbols at the same time while maintaining a fast decoding rate. Innovative image technology provides rare coverage and speed, resulting in better process changes and lower facility design costs. In addition, the industry-leading 5 - megapixel high-resolution sensor can achieve a larger field of view and depth of field than other code readers and read larger and smaller codes from multiple angles.