TGW: Innovations focus on internal logistics solutions

Today is the second day of Asia Logistics Trade Show.

TGW Logistics Group is a leading global systems provider of highly dynamic, automated and turnkey logistics solutions. Since 1969 the company has been implementing different internal logistics solutions, from small material handling applications to complex logistics centers.

Mr. Christoph Wolkerstorfer, Chief Sales Officer, emphasized, “First of all, we are a technology company. In this exhibition, we exhibited three major categories of products, namely, automated stacking machines, shuttle systems and peripheral conveyor elements. Due to limited exhibition area, this time we only displayed the shuttle systems and the conveyor elements on site. Secondly, we are a solution provider. We can provide customers with a comprehensive system solution for internal warehousing and logistics. It includes not only the hardware products and equipment we produce ourselves, but also the IT solutions needed in the logistics field, as well as the supporting logistics services we provide."

TGW has always attached great importance to R&D, including not only the iteration of existing products, but also continuous optimization for specific solutions. Mr. Wolkerstorfer told us that last year TGW did a lot of research and development work on picking, and hoped to replace simple manual picking with automation solutions.

In fact, TGW has always faced an important issue, which is to find the best balance between high quality and low cost. The cost mentioned here not only means reducing the cost of a single device, but also reducing the operating cost of the entire cycle, which is a very important value-added service for the customers.

This is also the greatest competitiveness of TGW. Products produced by TGW have a long service life and the equipment and system are very reliable. After long-term verification by foreign customers, TGW's system can generally be used for more than 20 years. Of course, any equipment needs regular maintenance.If some consumable parts and common spare parts are damaged, they could be replaced very easy.

Traditional storage and internal logistics are based on manual  warehouses, however, Mr. Wolkerstorfer saw that customer demand has changed a lot, and the rise of e-commerce has become a trend in China and around the world, which has led to quicker speed of storage, sorting, picking and receiving. So requirements must be improved, and automation has played a very big role in it. From the basic conveyor line to the fully automated large stock storage, TGW has corresponding comprehensive solutions.