Selected Exhibitors (VAHLE Mobilizing Electrification Trading ( Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.) W2-B1-2

The rapid development of e-commerce has added new challenges to the modern logistics system. The integration of material and goods flow has accelerated the automation of logistics system to a high level of demand. The increasing throughput of goods and the diversity of products require that the elevated library be automated while the distribution of products can be completed in a small space. The compact design and stability of Farrell's product system just meet these requirements of the automated logistics system. Farrell Group can provide the best solution for the elevated warehouse ( AS / RS ), automated three-dimensional warehouse, shuttle car system, automated stacker, sorting system and automated guided vehicle ( AGV ) in the logistics industry.

Non - contact power supply is a technology for power or signal transmission by non-contact means. Its working principle is similar to that of a traditional transformer, and it also uses magnetic field coupling to convert electric energy - magnetic field energy - electric energy and transmit electric energy. The VPOWER system is different from the traditional power transformer structure in that its primary and secondary parts are independent and can move relative to each other. The function of the VPOWER system depends on the frequency of alternating current in the primary coil. In this way, the system can efficiently transmit power through a large air gap between the primary and the secondary under the premise of ensuring safety.


The Asia Logistics exhibition is in progress.