Implementation of Full Link Flexible Automation in Novice Unmanned Warehouse

Flexible automated logistics system needs to apply a large number of robots and artificial intelligence technology. It can be said that artificial intelligence brings diversified technologies to intelligent logistics, and intelligent logistics provides a broad application scenario for artificial intelligence. In the rookie unmanned warehouse, a variety of logistics equipment, such as unmanned forklift, AGV picking, AGV distribution, automatic box sealing machine, palletizing robot, etc., are used. The whole logistics links such as warehousing, picking, packaging, and splitting all embody the characteristics of flexible automation.

A Multi - zone Parallel Flexible Automation Scheme

According to Zhu Lijun, the storage operation is very similar to the working principle of a computer. For example, the warehouse stores items and the computer stores data. The warehouse takes out the goods from the shelves when it makes order production, which is very similar to data extraction and calculation by computer. Warehouse stores goods, which is similar to computer hard disk. The computer has many files, some of which may not be accessed for a long time, just like the warehouse storage area. The warehouse picking area is similar to the computer memory. The explosive area in the e-commerce warehouse is equivalent to the high-speed operation of computers. Therefore, warehouse jobs always find mappings in the computer structure. In the e-commerce era, warehouses have become very large, with a large number of kinds of goods and orders to be processed every day. Mapping them into a computer structure is equivalent to big data processing. The most famous framework for big data processing is MapReduce, which contains three important operations - Map ( parallelizing work ), Shuffle ( merging again ) and Reduce ( ultimately producing results ).

Based on this idea, Cainiao proposed a modular multi-zone parallel automated logistics solution, mapping the big data processing framework into the storage system, MAP representing different orders and different production operation modes, Shuffle representing temporary storage and closing orders, Reduce representing seeding in different orders, i.e. different zones and different operation modes in storage operations, and different automation modes are combined after parallel operation and parallel production, flowing into Re bin Zone ( merging zone, i.e. seeding station in Cainiao's unmanned warehouse ), and the order goods are packed and delivered after merging into one box.

Practice of flexible automation scheme in rookie unmanned warehouse

Multi - mode parallel selection. In the robot sorting bin in the rookie unmanned bin mentioned earlier, the robot in Area A uses the Kiva system from shelf to human for sorting low-flow goods, namely " cold goods". The robot in Area B uses car-to-person ( order - to - person ) selection for high-flow goods, namely " explosives". The parallel picking operation adopted by these two methods is modular and will not affect the operation in other areas. At the same time, it breaks the limitation that the original AGV system can only operate in a single area and improves the operation efficiency of the whole system. Behind this is undoubtedly the rookie's advanced algorithm.

Flexible distribution. That is, sorting the packages produced in the warehouse according to different flow directions and destinations, the robot is very suitable for this task because it has a fixed movement track and is suitable for point-to-point object handling.

For this reason, rookie designed a new flexible distribution system solution, that is, to put the package on the AGV through the robot arm ( which is currently artificial and will be replaced by the robot arm in the future ); When the AGV passes through the scanning table, the information on the package is automatically scanned, the AGV goes to the destination according to the instructions of the upper system, and then pours the package into the corresponding bag collection basket. When the basket is full, it will be taken to the corresponding delivery platform by another AGV. This is a very flexible automatic distribution system.

It should be noted that the path planning of both large AGV carrying the bag basket and small AGV for sorting is very complicated. In addition, the destination of each basket also needs to be planned. The flow of baskets in different destinations is different. How to make it not only stop the road, but also shorten the travel time of AGV is very important, which is the key of the whole system.

The application of mechanical arm. The mechanical arm is used in unpacking / palletizing and picking operations in the rookie unmanned warehouse. The technology of 3D object recognition, positioning, attitude estimation excitation and box segmentation based on RG B - D data adopts industrial production line standards and has the characteristics of high efficiency, high reliability and high robustness.

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