Shanxi has issued the first domestic management measures for the use of freight orders

" There is a widespread phenomenon of enterprises providing false sources for company personnel; The freight orders provided by the source enterprises generally lack the key information such as enterprise name and unit seal. The behavior of illegally releasing overloaded vehicles without source check exists in all highway overrun detection stations. The supervision department of the source enterprise has slow actions and inaction in the source verification, which brings great inconvenience to the verification. "

Recently, Shanxi Zhichao Office started the inspection of freight source in the whole province and found the above problems.

For this reason, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Transport issued the " Measures for the Administration of Road Freight Orders Used by Shanxi Provincial Department of Transport," which will be formally implemented from November 15.

This is the first normative document in China to stipulate the management measures for the use of freight orders. It is of great significance to strengthen the management of overloading at the source of freight transportation, curb illegal overloading of vehicles from the source of freight transportation, and maintain the market order of road freight transportation.

It is understood that the Measures are divided into nine articles, which respectively regulate the relevant behaviors involving the operators of the freight source, freight vehicles and transportation law enforcement agencies in the process of source verification.

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