Double 11 finished storing 3 million tons of big data in the rookie warehouse

On November 1, Cainiao said that as of October 31, tens of thousands of brands had put their goods in Cainiao's warehouse in advance. According to statistics, this session of double 11's stock volume has reached a new high.

Among the newbie domestic warehouse distribution networks, the products ready to be sold in Tmall double 11 weigh more than 3 million tons, equivalent to 64 aircraft carriers and more than 13000 overhead passengers A380.

Cainiao has set up 14 global order fulfillment centers around the world, ranging from health care products to tide shoes and clothes, from net red hair curlers to breast enhancement cream, all good goods from all over the world have been assembled and will be sent to China by special plane on the same day in double 11.

This year in double 11, Cainiao is helping businesses reduce the stock ratio and increase the sale rate, bringing consumers a high-quality logistics experience in double 11 through " a global network and great coordination of wisdom".

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