At the 2018 logistics exhibition, the robot will shine brilliantly

From September 11 to 14, 2018, the 13th Japan International Logistics Exhibition ( Logis - Tech Tokyo 2018 ) was held at the Big Sight International Exhibition Center in Tokyo's Taiwan Yard. Logis - Tech Tokyo is held every two years. It is the largest logistics exhibition in Asia and the only logistics exhibition in Japan. From forklifts to storage systems, pallets, conveyors, trolleys, casters, containers, third-party logistics rationalization management, software and many other new products and services are gathered together.

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Japan is a huge market for logistics equipment consumption, with a total consumption of 440 billion yen in 2017. With " intelligent manufacturing" and " intelligent mechanization" advancing in an all-round way, the robot industry has entered a golden period of development, and more and more enterprises have realized transformation and upgrading through " machines instead of labor". The rapid development of e-commerce also puts forward higher requirements for the automation and intelligence of the warehousing system. Some enterprises began to construct automated warehousing and logistics in order to remain invincible in the fierce market competition. The technological revolution triggered by robots has been rapidly launched in the field of warehousing and logistics.

According to the forecast of authoritative agency TRACTICA, the global shipment of warehousing and logistics robots will surge to 620,000 by 2021. Without the roar of motor vehicles and the frequent walking of staff, only the automatic navigation vehicle ( AGV ) is moving rapidly, and the palletizing robot and the grabbing robot are lifting weights lightly - this is what people imagined as " intelligent logistics". The focus of this Logis - Tech Tokyo 2018 is on intelligent robot solutions, and the pavilion has become an arena where robots compete for " wisdom" and technology. However, unlike previous intelligent storage robots focusing on AGV application, intelligent forklift application and stereoscopic warehouse application, we have seen many control displays of intelligent mechanical arms in Logis - Tech Tokyo 2018.

The control of intelligent mechanical arms generally refers to the control of four - axis, five-axis and six-axis mechanical arms. The control technology in this area is generally considered to be technically demanding in the industry. Moreover, in the specific engineering field, the perception of the environment and the identification of goods should be taken into account when combining different projects with specific application scenarios, so it is also quite difficult in visual solution. Therefore, compared with the relatively stable and mature technologies such as AGV, the robot arm solution is relatively slow to develop. In recent years, with the improvement of hardware and software technology, a series of technical barriers have gradually been overcome or replaced by other similar solutions, and the robot arm control application gradually appears in some relatively simple application scenarios.

Friendship Tip: The Asia Logistics Exhibition will be held from November 6 to 9, looking forward to your attention.