The Ministry of Transport announced the comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of the pilot vehicle-free carriers

October 9, the Department of Transportation disclosed a briefing on the evaluation of the pilot integrated monitoring of vehicles without a vehicle.

The circular indicates that the overall situation of the pilot monitoring has significantly improved the ability of resource integration, the logistics market pattern has been optimized, and the pilot risk control ability has been improved.

At present, the pilot monitoring work still has the following problems: First, the matching rate between the waybill and the capital flow bill is low; Second, the abnormal rate of vehicle positioning is high. Third, the vehicle qualification examination is not strict.

Therefore, relevant departments should strengthen operation monitoring and effectively guard against pilot risks. Strengthen key supervision and improve the overall development level of pilot enterprises; We will promote the improvement of the tax collection and management system and effectively solve the problem of individual transport operators applying for issuing VAT invoices on their behalf.


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