JD.com Logistics Packaged Express with Maglev Technology

In order to face double 11, 360buy has blessed its logistics service promotion. According to the news, it began to officially launch an intelligent packaging machine based on magnetic levitation technology for fast package delivery.

According to the data revealed by Jingdong, the intelligent packaging machine blessed with this technology can improve the packaging efficiency to 1000 packages / hour, which is 10 times higher than the traditional packaging operation. It can be seen that if this effect is achieved, this technology will not be a tokenistic gesture, but will actually conform to Jingdong's long-standing practical style.

Outside, Wang Kun, head of JD.com's logistics equipment planning department, cannot hide his pride: " Now our smart packaging machine can be mainly used to package products such as mobile phones, routers and smart bracelets of various brands, and will be expanded to other products such as books, personal care and beauty makeup in the future. In the field of domestic e-commerce logistics, JD.com's application of the packaging structure and packaging method is still the first example. "


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