E - commerce hub positioning is not suitable for bulk agricultural products

Logistics hub is a complex of logistics facilities that relies on comprehensive transportation hub, undertakes the main functions of logistics transfer, exchange and connection between regions, forms close cooperation and reasonable division of labor among each other, and has convenient transportation links.

At present, the rural economy is developing slowly, the phenomenon of unsalable agricultural products often occurs, and it is difficult for farmers to get rich, especially the vicious circle of " the wholesale price of agricultural products is very low, while the purchase price of citizens is still high".

From the point of view of the e-commerce distribution system built around the country, the export of high-end agricultural products is generally dominant. As for the facilities and equipment of basic products such as vegetables, corn, wheat and rice, the e-commerce distribution center obviously cannot have such functions from the facilities and equipment, operation system and so on.

The rural logistics base is weak, and as a capital for profit, it is definitely not willing to spend money, which is also the reason for the serious shortage of rural logistics at present.

Compared with industrial products, agricultural products have biological properties and are easy to rot and deteriorate. Agricultural products are natural products with seasonal and periodic characteristics. The natural attributes of agricultural products put forward special and higher requirements for their transportation, packaging and processing, and the logistics risk of operating agricultural products is greater.

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