Visualization of Cold Chain Digitization

Fresh meat is perishable in normal temperature transportation and has a high loss rate. Therefore, cold chain transportation enterprises need to build their own cold chain logistics system. Because of this, the cost of cold chain logistics distribution remains high. More and more shippers tend to realize the digitalization of the cold chain and the whole visual management through Internet of Things, Internet and cloud technology.

" The current cold chain logistics delivery order shows a fragmentation trend. With the progress of refrigeration and heat preservation technology, multi-temperature zones, transparent temperature control and full digitalization will certainly become the focus. " Qin Yuming said.

Wang Shuai - yi, general manager of the Cold Chain Division of Xijie Rong Qing Logistics Supply Chain Co., Ltd., said: " Through real-time management of temperature and humidity, the information of real-time temperature, humidity and breakage of products in distribution can be managed in a unified way, and managers will be notified immediately when an abnormal situation occurs, so as to minimize the risk and make the management more convenient. "

According to statistics, the logistics cost of fresh agricultural products in China accounts for 30 % to 40 % of the total cost, the loss rate reaches 25 % to 30 %, and the value of vegetables and fruits damaged due to transportation and storage is nearly 100 billion yuan each year. In order to reduce the waste of resources caused by the imperfect cold chain transportation and meet the requirements of the cold chain logistics enterprises such as full program control temperature, full visual range and temperature separation zone, vehicle manufacturing enterprises, upper garment enterprises and intelligent logistics suppliers have joined forces to create " full cold chain" transportation.

At the forum site, companies such as Futian Daimler, Futian Ouma, Lengwang, Qingdao Zhongji and G7 Smart Internet of Things released " Smart Cold Chain Integration Solutions" to build a four-point and one-line cold chain model of " origin pre - cooling, cold chain transportation, city distribution center and sales terminal" from the two dimensions of product and vehicle integration, so as to realize full visibility of cold chain transportation and reduce the possibility of " chain breaking".