Change from Single Cold Storage Transportation to Supply Chain Services

With the upgrading of fresh food retail formats and horizontal integration of the industry, the cold chain logistics demand of the owner enterprises such as fresh food production, trade and retailers has entered a new stage. The demand for single cold storage transportation and storage has gradually changed to the demand for flexible and flexible supply chain services.

In the past two years, Yiguo Group has released the " Reindeer Cold Chain" brand, focusing on the transportation and distribution of cold chain logistics for dry branch lines. Shentong Express set up a subsidiary " Shenxue" to build a cold chain trading center in China ( Zhengzhou ); Suning deepened the integrated warehouse distribution network, completed the cold chain warehouse layout in eight cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and the major e-commerce and express companies continued to invest in cold chain logistics and fresh supply chain in an attempt to seize the fresh market.

At present, cold chain logistics is changing from high-speed growth to high-quality development, and the trend of logistics enterprises transforming to supply chain management platform is becoming more and more obvious. " New retail, new technology, globalization, networking and community service are reshaping the development of the logistics industry, but at present, many logistics enterprises are not ready for this change. Qin Yuming, Secretary General of the Cold Chain Logistics Committee of the China Federation of Logistics and Procurement, believes that cold chain logistics enterprises should stand at the forefront of the industry and respond to changes in the market in a timely manner.

" Build a global fresh product integration service platform through' one - stop' value-added services, and build a whole-process cold chain value-added supply chain from the aspects of service platform, global direct production base, trade logistics, value-added processing and fresh warehouse network layout, and promote product standards and customer customization in combination with product characteristics and market demand, so as to provide more value to users. " Li Chuang, general manager of supply chain division of HNA Cold Chain Holding Co., Ltd., said.

The rise of fresh e-commerce has brought good opportunities for cold chain logistics enterprises. Zheng Fugui, executive vice president of Shanghai Zhengming Modern Logistics Co., Ltd., believes that in the future, community fresh cold chain distribution will become a new growth point. Facing this new demand, we should make good use of the platform and data to bring integrated solutions to users and promote the steady development of the cold chain industry.