Block chain foreground

As the first step, Danish shipping giant Maersk and IBM jointly studied block chain technology and developed a block chain system based on the Super Book Fabric framework, which can track millions of container shipments every year.

Wal - Mart, the largest U.S. retail company, is also using IBM's Fabric to conduct a distributed accounting pilot project to track the origin of Chinese pork and its transportation and storage in the United States. In addition, Wal - Mart has recently acquired a block chain-based application to facilitate UAV delivery.

FedEx joined the Block Chain Transportation Alliance ( BITA ) in February this year, and is testing the use of block chain technology to track large-scale high-value cargo transportation. Also joining BITA is another transportation giant UPS, which is currently developing industry standards, exploring the use of block chain technology to track shipments and manage logistics.

In addition, we also saw the addition of a new regional block chain platform. Russian UAV manufacturer SKYF is committed to solving the problem of unmanned logistics. The SKYFCHAIN unmanned cargo platform developed by Russian UAV manufacturer has now launched MVP version, and the UAV designed and manufactured by Russian UAV can use the platform to track all the way to complete the logistics and transportation task. SKYFCHAIN Unmanned Cargo Platform will also include unmanned vehicles, unmanned boats and other unmanned cargo equipment in the future. It will bring the two blue sea areas of block chain and unmanned transportation into the market at the same time, showing a bright future.