Demand of Logistics Transportation Industry

Logistics is defined as the planning framework for material, service and information flow management. Physical goods logistics usually involves the integration of information flow, transportation, storage and security. The logistics chain usually spans many steps and hundreds of geographical locations. It is foreseeable that with the development of the logistics chain, it will become more and more difficult to track events in the whole chain. It is even more difficult to verify and track the goods in transit and respond quickly to emergencies. In addition, due to the lack of transparency, it becomes very difficult to investigate illegal activities along the route.


Block chains have the potential to solve all of the above problems. As a transparent public account book, it will provide customers and auditors with a simple and effective tool that can be used to track the entire process of product transportation.


The CEO of Russia's unmanned freight block chain platform SKYFCHAIN once said: " Block chain technology is the perfect solution for unmanned logistics, and its business process is decentralized. As SKYF UAV begins its commercial application, there are problems such as insurance, transfer of responsibility, flight safety, and automatic exchange of delivery records and reliable data among all participants - this is the necessity of building block chain platform. "


The Asia Logistics Exhibition will be held from November 6 to 9, and we look forward to your presence.