Continental Bridge Transport: A Special Plate in Cross - border Logistics Multimodal Transport in China

Due to the difference and particularity of geographical conditions, land-bridge transportation has also become a major feature of China's intermodal transportation. In the multi-modal transportation of cross-border logistics, land bridge transportation is a special existence. Strictly speaking, road and bridge transport is also a land-sea combined transport form, which uses special trains or trucks for containers and uses the railway or highway across the mainland as a " bridge" in the middle, connecting the shipping routes of containers at both ends of the mainland with special trains or trucks. Trains and trucks can go deeper into the mainland in cross-border logistics and finish the task of terminal distribution, especially the mobility and in-depth ability of trucks play a leading role in domestic logistics in cross-border logistics. China has three continental bridges connecting Russia, Mongolia and European countries. The reduction of transport length and the improvement of transport speed have greatly increased the circulation of various land ports in China and promoted the development of cross-border logistics.