Dedicated line logistics

The dedicated line logistics is a special line delivery method for the other country. The delivery time of goods is basically fixed, and the transportation cost is cheaper than express logistics, while ensuring double clearing. Dedicated line logistics is only a good logistics solution for cross-border e-commerce in a certain country or region. The most commonly used lines in the industry are US, Europe, Australia and Russia, and many logistics companies have also launched Middle East and South America lines. For example, EMS's " International E - mail Treasure", Central's " Russian Mail Treasure" and " Australian Mail Treasure" and " Speedou Treasure - IT Ella" are all specific products of cross-border dedicated line logistics.


Advantages: Concentrate on sending large quantities of goods to destinations, reduce costs through scale effects, lower prices than commercial express delivery, faster than postal parcels, and lower packet loss rates. Dedicated line logistics is an expert in customs clearance. Dedicated line logistics is a good choice if cross-border e-commerce only makes a certain market and customs clearance also has certain requirements.