BYD Forklift - Product Introduction

Adhering to the development concept of " technology is king and innovation is the foundation", BYD forklift has developed a full range of new energy products of different series and different tonnages after years of systematic technical reserve and research and development in vehicle, hydraulic, electrical, chassis and other aspects, providing customers with professional and efficient materials handling and internal logistics solutions in the field ( factory ), which can meet the application needs of different levels and different scenarios and can easily cope with any working condition. At present, BYD forklift truck has been widely used in food and beverage, paper making, feed, automobile and parts, processing and manufacturing, petrochemical, logistics and household appliance production, and fully understands the unique application needs of various industries, and puts forward professional solutions for these needs, and provides a full range of environmentally friendly, efficient and professional models to make the customer's production and logistics more prosperous.


BYD forklift truck, as a rising star in the forklift industry, uses the world's leading iron battery technology developed by itself, not only can charge quickly and use with charging, greatly improving the working efficiency, but also really realizes zero emission and zero pollution in the handling process, making up for the shortcomings of the traditional lead-acid battery forklift truck in this respect, and therefore stands out in more demanding fields such as food, beverage, pharmacy and medical treatment, and is highly recognized by customers and experts. On May 31, 2016, BYD forklift won the International Forklift - Truck of the Year in Germany.IFOY The IFOY International Forklift Annual Award was selected by the world's most authoritative panel of economic, scientific and technological media, and is called the world's forklift industry weathervane by the industry. Prior to this, a total of 25 jury members from various countries around the world conducted a week-long in-depth test of our forklift truck. After a comprehensive evaluation of driving safety, handling comfort, power performance, working efficiency, braking performance, steering performance, vehicle reliability and comprehensive energy consumption, the jury evaluated our forklift: " BYD electric forklift does not need to worry about being compared with European competitors. On the contrary, BYD has provided its customers with real high-value-added forklift products by virtue of its economy, high efficiency, environmental protection and leading comprehensive technology. "