Jingdong UAV Operation Mode

JD.com's distribution unmanned aerial vehicle uses B2B method, sending the order to the village salesperson through the unmanned aerial vehicle from JD.com's distribution center or distribution station, and then the village salesperson completes the final delivery of the order. JD.com currently has more than 200,000 rural extension workers, covering most of China's villages. They are an important force in promoting the development of rural e - commerce, and are also the inherent advantage of JD.com's unmanned aerial vehicle operation in rural areas.


The advantages of adopting Jingdong B2B distribution mode are:


1. The route is fixed, making it easier for unmanned aerial vehicles to land


2. The flight of the fixed route was completed in advance and the safety was guaranteed.


3. Make the best use of Jingdong's vast rural extension staff resources to facilitate the rapid landing and promotion of unmanned aerial vehicle distribution operations in the later period.