The whole country strictly inspects the transportation of dangerous chemicals for 3 months!

Recently, the general office of the Ministry of Transport issued the " Safe Transport Hundred Days Action Plan", which decided to launch the " Safe Transport Hundred Days Action" from August 6 to November 15, 2018. The plan calls for highlighting the focus of security risk control, which involves the transportation of dangerous goods. The plan proposes to carry out special treatment in key areas. Including special treatment focusing on speeding and fatigue driving. To focus on overloading and highway disasters, to carry out special management of highway operation; To carry out special management of port production safety focusing on the regulation of port dangerous goods storage operations.6


At present, many provinces and cities across the country, such as Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei and Chongqing, will carry out special rectification and investigation on the transportation of dangerous chemicals.


Starting from August, the Guangdong Provincial Joint Conference will focus on three major renovations, focusing on six types of key vehicles such as road passenger transport, tourist passenger transport, cargo transport, dangerous chemicals transport, motorcycles and electric vehicles, and conducting joint inspection of enterprise safety not less than once a month. By the end of August, the public security and transportation departments of cities and counties will carry out joint surprise inspections on the implementation of the dynamic supervision system of enterprises in their respective jurisdictions, focusing on vehicles with abnormal dynamic data and frequent problems, and will expose and severely punish those found to have violated the law.


From August to January 2019, Shandong provincial government safety Committee released a report that Shandong has carried out intensive investigation of potential risks, quick rectification and strict enforcement of laws, and announced the division of work among 32 provincial departments such as the provincial trust Committee, the provincial safety supervision bureau and the provincial quality supervision bureau. Among them, the provincial transportation department is responsible for the safety special rectification of the transportation industry ( including port dangerous chemicals ). Focusing on the financing of transportation vehicles for dangerous chemicals and the safety of waterway transportation, we studied and worked out specific implementation plans.


Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transport and the Provincial Public Security Bureau issued the " Detailed Rules for the Implementation of" One Overload and Four Penalties " for Freight Cars in Jiangsu Province, which will come into effect on September 1 this year and will be valid for 3 years. " One Overrun": Overrun and Overloaded Vehicles; " Four Penalties": Carrier, Loading Enterprise, Freight Enterprise and Driver. According to the detailed rules, with the implementation of the " one exceeding four penalties" for overloading trucks according to law, the road transport management institution may order drivers to stop business transportation, order enterprises to suspend business for rectification, revoke their certificates and impose a fine of 20,000 yuan or more when investigating overloaded vehicles


Lijiang, Yunnan Province, launched a month-long special rectification campaign for traffic violations. During the road inspection, the " five categories" of vehicles and drivers, such as passenger cars, dangerous chemicals transporters, tourist cars, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles, should all be inspected, and the " three driving" and " three exceeding" violations should be investigated and dealt with. In - depth area " two passengers and one danger" and other key transportation enterprises to carry out security risks investigation.


Chongqing has launched a five-month " two guests and one danger" special rectification campaign. " Two passengers" refers to passenger transport on the train line and chartered passenger transport, " One Danger" refers to dangerous chemicals transport vehicles. The focus of this special rectification is on serious illegal acts such as " three super - one fatigue" ( speeding, overstaffing, overloading and fatigue driving ) and outstanding problems on people's roads and cars.