What about receiving a " toxic package"?

There are always some omissions during the inspection of mass express transportation. What if we accidentally receive a drug package?

First of all, we should report it to the local public security organs in a timely manner. Never hide drugs without permission. Illegal possession of drugs is a criminal act. This requires our broad masses of people to attach importance to it. Many people have received drugs from logistics packages without knowing them, but they can only accept punishment. Some may not know drugs at all, while others do not think they are illegal and criminal acts. This is all caused by the extreme lack of drug knowledge and legal knowledge.


The " Report on China's Drug Situation in 2017" shows that some criminals produce and sell drugs by changing their packaging forms, such as " Kawa Chaoyin", " Rainbow Smoke", " Coffee Bag" and " Small Branch" and other new drugs, which are constantly refurbished and have strong camouflage, confusion and fashion, targeting young people in entertainment places for abuse. The variation of synthetic drugs is speeding up, new types of drugs emerge one after another, and drug trafficking methods are various. Faced with various new drug trafficking methods, we should fight with a spirit of 12 points. Drug traffickers continue to fight drugs day by day and more than one day.