Policies and regulations on transportation of semi-trailers in 2018

Since the reform and opening up, the state has invested heavily in highway construction, but because of the huge highway maintenance costs caused by overloading, the state has finally made up its mind to rectify overloading. In this situation, the state's axle load control of road vehicles will gradually transition from the current 10t per axle to the axle load required by the new 1589, while the 4x2 tractor matching with the two-axle van semi-trailer will be difficult to meet the axle load requirements of the new 1589.

Focus 1: The limit of semi-trailer length has increased from 13 meters in the 2004 edition to 13.75 meters at present, and the maximum A limit of semi-trailer length for transporting 45 - foot containers is 13.95 meters. Cancel the special case of the length limit of the whole closed van semi - trailer, the low flat semi-trailer and the container semi - trailer; The front turning radius of semi-trailer should not be greater than 2040 mm.

Focus 2: In order to regulate the domestic car transport market, a trailer of the mid-axle vehicle transport vehicle is added to the standard, with the specified length limit of 12m and the length limit of the mid-axle vehicle transport train of 22m, which can load 8 ( large and medium ) to 10 ( small and medium ) passenger cars, and has higher transport efficiency than the original semi-trailer vehicle transport vehicle within the scope permitted by laws and regulations.

Focus 3: The length of the center axle and tractor trailer is 12m, and the length limit of the carriage is 8m ( excluding the center axle vehicle transport trailer ). It is stipulated that the train composed of the tractor trailer belongs to the truck, and the length limit of the truck train is 20m.

Focus 4: In the newly revised GB 1589, the length limit of articulated train is 17.1 meters, which is 0.6 meters higher than the standard of 16.5 meters. In addition, the length limit of the long-head articulated train ( long - head tractor + semitrailer ) is set at 18.1 meters, which has a certain promotion effect on the development of the domestic long-head market.

Focus 5: In terms of vehicle width, the standard median width limit has also been relaxed from 2.5 meters in the 2004 edition to 2.55 meters. This modification is mainly to meet the width requirement of two rows of pallets loaded by vehicles. Considering that the refrigerator car has increased the thickness of the insulation layer, the width limit of the refrigerator car is 2.6m .

Focus 6: The maximum A gross weight limit is also specified in GB 1589. The standard specifies vehicles with different axle numbers. The gross weight limit for two-axle trucks and semi-trailer tractors is 18 tons, the gross weight limit for three-axle trucks and semi-trailer tractors is 25 tons, the gross weight limit for double-steering four-axle trucks is 31 tons, the gross weight limit for four-axle cars is 36 tons, and the weight limit for five-axle cars is 43 tons. The revision of GB 1589 standard is a new challenge for Chinese truck and trailer manufacturers and an important revolution for the transportation and logistics industry.