Cainiao has a " small goal": to achieve " national 24 - hour global 72 - hour target"

On September 18, Cainiao President Wan Lin said at Alibaba's 2018 Global Investors Conference that Cainiao's goal is to work with partners to build a global backbone of intelligent logistics and achieve " a national 24 - hour global 72 - hour target".

It is reported that at the Global Smart Logistics Summit held on May 31 this year, Cainiao announced that it will make every effort to build a national smart logistics backbone network and define this goal as " one horizontal and two vertical" strategy.


" One Horizontal" is to build digital infrastructure and keep logistics digital, online and intelligent. The " two vertical lines" are: one is to provide solutions for the new retail supply chain; The other is globalization.

Wan Lin said that Cainiao has now landed at six global logistics digital hubs in Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, Dubai and Liege. China's logistics time limit to key countries has been raised to 10 days. The time limit for customs clearance has increased from an average of 2 days to 10 seconds, entering a new global logistics era of " second - level customs clearance".