Rail haulage

Rail haulageLaying tracks in the tunnel to carry out the transportation mode of feeding and discharging ballast in the tunnel

Safety operation rules for rail haulage

Manpower cart transportation is a single bucket car operation, which shall be carried out according to the following provisions.

1. Flip - type hopper cars should have locks, which must be locked during operation and loading.

3. When going downhill, it is forbidden to slip.

4. When manpower bulldozing bucket cars are used, they should honk their horns in time in construction areas with poor sight and obstacles.

5. At the end of the track, there should be a stop device. The ballast unloading track should be 1 % of the ramp.

6. Stop wheels should be added when parking on the ramp.

Motor vehicle traction transportation shall comply with the following provisions:

1. Non - duty drivers are not allowed to drive motor vehicles.

2. Except for the driver of the motor vehicle, the signalman and the coupling member, no other personnel ( except the passenger vehicle ) may be taken.

3. Drivers are not allowed to leave their jobs without permission. Signals should be sent before driving, and their heads and hands should not be extended out of the car. When the driver leaves his seat, he should cut off the power supply, remove the control handle, tighten the brake and turn on the lights.

4. The brakes, lights, alarm bells and connectors of motor vehicles must be kept in good condition.

5. During normal operation, the motor vehicle must be towed at the front end ( except for shunting and handling accidents )

6. Trains and motor vehicles traveling alone must turn on the front and rear lights.

7. Non - motor vehicles shall not be driven in the same area.

8. When approaching or passing through air doors, turnouts, sections with large slopes, openings, cross passage openings, construction work sections and obstacles in front of them, the whistle must be sounded at a slower speed.

Train braking distance shall not exceed 40m when transporting materials and 20m when transporting personnel.

The following provisions must be observed in transporting personnel with the carrier vehicle:

1. Before each shift starts, check the connecting device, axle and brake of each car.

2. Train speed shall not exceed 10km / h.

3. Passengers should obey the driver's command, and the tools and parts they carry should not be exposed outside the vehicle. The train is not allowed to go up or down before it has stopped. Between motor vehicles and vehicles, it is strictly prohibited to take people. Vehicles shall not be overloaded with passengers.