Visual navigation balance weight type unmanned forklift truck

In the future, robot vision navigation balanced unmanned forklift will adopt the vision navigation technology pioneered by the domestic industry, without installing reflective plates, magnetic strips, etc., and without modifying the customer site to ensure flexibility and expandability.

Designed for use in a common environment after cooperation with people, the friendly user interface makes all controls and information clear at a glance, and the unique dual-mode operation mode enables automatic / manual control to be freely switched.

In the future, the robot vision navigation balance weight type unmanned forklift truck has a rated load of 1.5t, can be increased by 4.5m, can run at a speed of 1.8m / s, does not stop when turning, is the industry's leading running speed and working efficiency, and has excellent cost performance, and is suitable for the application scenarios such as picking and placing shelves such as warehouses and production lines, automatic roller line docking, and picking and placing goods on high platforms.