(Below you can find last year's program for your information. You will find this year's program on this site as soon as the schedule is fixed.)

  30 Mar. 2017

  CeMAT ASIA  Committee Meeting


  Welcome Speech

  Speaker:Krister Sandvoss, DMAG


  Welcome Speech

  Speaker:Gary Liu, HMFS


  Warming up: Self-introduction

  All the participants


  Speech: Industry 4.0 and Chinese logistics market

  Speaker:Lu Daming, CMES


  Q & A: Dialogue with Lu Daming

  All the participants


  - How will industry 4.0 be implemented well in Chinese logistics

  - market and facilitate the industry?

  - How can automation serve the logistics industry well?

  - The representatives from the leading companies in segment markets of logistics industry introduce their industry      overview and how our CeMAT Asia can work in with them to solve their pain spots.
  - How can we jointly forge the innovative CeMAT ASIA Show? (New BD、New Category、New Promotion)

  All the participants



  Speaker:Krister Sandvoss, DMAG