CeMAT ASIA 2017-Logistics Robot Application Pavilion

The field of factory intralogistics faces new requirements and challenges in the context of the fourth industrial revolution and increasing labor cost. In China , more and more industrial robots will be applied to intelligent factory intralogistcs systems to provide faster and more precise production and material flows. That’s why we are trying to forge a brand-new Logistics Robot Application Pavilion in this year’s CeMAT AISA



Our Roles & Purposes:

To provide a high quality trade platform for industrial robot manufacturers

 1.Combine industrial robot producer together
 2.Attract more trade visitors interested in industrial robots
 3.Let more visitors know the broad prospect of industrial robots applied in intralogistics automation
 4.Identifies more applications and new markets of logistics robots
 5.Promote the popularity of exhibitors.


Visitor’s branches of industry

Optimizing production and warehousing processes is a major topic of all the branches of industy in the future .CeMAT is a must-attend event for all important visitors from the following branches of industry.

 1.food and beverage industry
 2.Automotive/Auto-supply industry
 3.Pharma and medical industry
 4.Tobacoo industry
 5.E-commerce industry
 6.Electronics industry



Exhibits Scope:

1.Industrial robots
 1.Palletizing robots
 2.Picking&packing robots
 3.AGV warehouse robots
 4.components for industrial  robot systems

2.Sensor technology



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