International Automated Guided Vehicle Pavilion with the abbreviation of AGV Pavilion in Hall W4 is a special exhibition area for AGVs. It has been established and carefully operated at CeMAT ASIA since 10 years under the cooperation between Hannover Messe, Mr. Prof. L. Schulze from Leibniz University Hannover, Germany and Ms. Prof. L. Li from OWL University of Applied Sciences, Germany. AGV Pavilion aims at providing an excellent exhibition platform for AGV producers, integrators, operators, component suppliers as well as visitors, who are interested especially in AGVs.

The core features of AGV Pavilion can be summarized as the following three points:

  1. Standard magnificent booth: In line with the principle of saving efforts for exhibitors, AGV Pavilion provides standard booth. However, the booth highlights prominently the characteristics of individual exhibitors.
  2. Concentrated exhibition area: surrounding AGV Forum as the core, AGV producers, integrators and suppliers make an orderly exhibition, which is very impressive for the interested audience and facilitate them to access AGV information.
  3. Forum Predominance: The AGV Forum in AGV Pavilion enables the audience to understand more in detail about AGVs through different reports from companies.

It is the tenth appearance of AGV Pavilion in CeMAT ASIA in 2017, with 11 companies. The whole exhibition area of AGV Pavilion reaches almost 400 square meters. It is another sublimation and breakthrough since last year. So that the entire AGV Pavilion keeps the similar structure with three separated areas as last year. The 11 companies are listed in alphabetical order as follows:


AGV Forum at AGV Pavilion will be held as scheduled this year, mainly on the second day, Nov. 01. and the third day, Nov. 02. during the exhibition of CeMAT ASIA. In a noisy environment of exhibition, it is rare for the visitors to have a chance to obtain and discuss “quietly” AGV-related knowledge. AGV Pavilion offers this opportunity. The dual significance for both exhibitors and visitors cannot be ignored.


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